My Story


I, Lucy Lintott was diagnosed with the incurable terminal illness known as Motor Neuron Disease (MND).

I’d known for a while that something wasn’t right, as I started losing strength in my left hand, and then my balance and co-ordination started to deteriorate. I was walking into things and falling over easily and more often. I knew I needed to see the doctor, but I was also aware that if I was diagnosed with anything before going to work in America for the summer, that my chances of being able to go would be minimised.

After coming home from America, I realised that I was having difficulty opening my left hand for long periods of time, walking on my toes on my left foot instead of using my whole foot, my muscles would vibrate viciously when I was seated or standing, I started to just fall over randomly even when I was on flat ground, my bladder functions were becoming urgent and my walk was becoming slow and stubbling.

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